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5 Rules To Suit Care


You’ve invested a lot of money into your suits, learn how to keep them in great shape with these 5 fast rules.



“Only resort to dry-cleaning a suit in an emergency, such as a wine spill or ingrained food,” says Savile Row tailor Richard James. Dry –cleaning takes the finish off the fabric, like someone’s rubbed it with sandpaper.


Refresh a stale-smelling suit by airing it on a washing line (but not in fabric-fading direct sunlight) or try hanging it to steam when you take a shower. It’ll smell as hanger-fresh as when you first bought it.


Packing a suit for a business trip? Invest in a suit carrier. Take it as carry-on and chat up the foxiest air hostess to hang it up for you. You may not arrive wrinkle-free, but your suit will.


“Rotate your suits if you have to wear one every day,” says Eddie Prendergest, owner of Duffer St. George. “Giving each suit a day to ‘rest’ after every week keeps it fresh and free from body smell.”


Just won the lottery? Then have your wardrobes rebuilt in solid cedar wood. Moths hate it, while we humans love its subtle woody aroma

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