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  • More Cuddling = Better Sex
    More Cuddling = Better Sex
  • Tips On Staying In Your Top Form
    Tips On Staying In Your Top Form
  • Secrets of Flight Club
    Secrets of Flight Club
  • Know Your Dark Chocolate
    Know Your Dark Chocolate


  • The Buzz on Superhoney
    The Buzz on Superhoney
  • Asthma D-fence
    Asthma D-fence
  • Bed Bugs
    Bed Bugs
  • Online RX
    Online RX
  • Pump Problems
    Pump Problems
  • Look Before You Cook
    Look Before You Cook
  • 5 Health Mistakes You Make Every Day

    5 Health Mistakes You Make Every Day

    Your day is fraught with peril—from the dumbphone that beeps while you’re driving to the NSFW website that beckons at 3pm. Those risks you know. How about these?

  • Pick Your A-Team

    Pick Your A-Team

    Learn to fill your lineup wisely. Your payoff is better health, more wealth and less things to worry about.

  • Beat Cancer with Beer

    Beat Cancer with Beer

    Marinating pork in beer before grilling it may be the answer to a healthier meal.

  • A Zen Way To Lose Weight

    A Zen Way To Lose Weight

    If you want to eat less, try an exercise—of the mind. A study from the Netherlands reports that...

  • The Chips Sheet

    The Chips Sheet

    We’ve got a solution to your midnight snack conundrum—opt for these lesser evils instead.

  • The Main Man

    The Main Man

    We've found our #MHCoverGuy winner, and discovered his secret on being cover fit.

  • Hunger Pains

    Hunger Pains

    Beware a spinal trap: new research from the Yale School of Medicine suggests that an achy back may make you overeat.