Car Vs Wild


When: 10pm, 30 September 2013 (Premiere)

Where: Discovery Channel (Astro CH551)

Buckle up for Car vs Wild, an all-new original series that sees former British Special Forces soldier Gary Humphrey, American car fanatic Bill Wu and Ruby, their trusty and thrill-hungry off-roader. This will be a 10-part series of a journey across the extremely harsh and vicious terrains of uncharted areas of Mexico, putting to test the limits of both man and machine.

Watch as Bill and Gary resort to using vines and trees as swings to push Ruby through the lush forests, witness a possible record-breaking climb over the 14,000ft high south-eastern Pico De Orizaba mountain, and hold your breath as the trio attempt to navigate across a volcanic crater lake and fording the Rio Hardy by raft.

Who will emerge victorious: Car or wild?