Her Body Decoded (Part 1)

Tune in to her unconscious desires to know what it is she’s really trying to tell you. She may be saying one thing but her movements will tell you otherwise.

When it comes to reading – and understand – a woman’s encyclopaedic body language, 70% of men are hopelessly illiterate, according to a recent study by scientists at Indiana University in the US. But just like male bowerbirds – who modify their courtship rituals based on the female’s precise body signals – you can learn to translate her secret metalanguage to ensure you’re always in control and one step ahead of her mood. Our body language experts have deciphered her most puzzling, subtle and easy-to-miss gestures so you’ll never find yourself making the wrong move again.



Is your partner wearing flip-flops? Take advantage by checking for psychologist Marco Pacori’s “big toe erection” pointing straight upwards – a dead giveaway for sexual interest. Then check out somewhere a lot more private. Now look around you: there are women in flip-flops everywhere. Check out how many men are missing out… and afford yourself a smug grin.



Packed full of nerve endings (approximately 7,500 per foot), they’re your signposts to her feelings. “If her feet are pointing your way, she’s being sincere, and has got you in her crosshairs,” says body language expert Robert Phipps.



Stress stimulates the central nervous system, raising her heart rate and tensing muscles – particularly the sphincter. This clenching automatically makes us sit up straighter, so a sudden improvement in her posture is a clear sign she’s uncomfortable with your flirtation.



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