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Men’s Health August: Crack Down On The Weight Issue


We’ve just turned 11. As Men’s Health commemorates its presence of more than a decade in the country, from the change of approach to a new (and not so new) team, regular readers of the magazine will know that it has come a long way. Though no matter what, service remains our indomitable DNA.


This issue—the Weight-Loss Issue—is a precise representation of just that, where we delve into the escalating epidemic of obesity and being overweight we face as a nation. You probably already know that such health issue is anything but novel, which leads to the question: Are we uninformed, or simply ignorant? Instead of interrogating the nutritional villains like fat, carbs and sugar, we make a case for striving to live a healthier life in Zero In On Weight on p94.


While you’re at it, check out the workout programme we have put together that focuses on galvanising you to turn your body into a fat-burning machine. It’s designed specially for those wanting to shed excess body fat and get in shape, as opposed to those looking to excel at a specific sport. So go ahead, turn to p80 and start cranking up your metabolic rate!


Another great read is How Do I Drop The Pounds Fast? on p60 in which we offer you answers to the most common weight-loss questions—find out how many calories are there in a can of beer, what’s the safest way to lose weight swiftly and what’s the best workout to whittle your midsection.


All in all, the lesson to be learned here is simple: Structure your routine and nutrition to assist you in dropping those pounds and leaning out. At Men’s Health, we believe that shortcuts are no advantage, but your odds are good with what we have covered here.


John Ng, Editor, Men’s Health Malaysia

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