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Men’s Health October: Up Your Own Game


It’s not often that you have the chance to get the skinny on the exclusive workout programme of a spaceman. Seven years ago this month, our cover guy Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor made Malaysian history as the nation’s first astronaut to go into space. Now that the hypes surrounding the mission have waned in their entirety, Men’s Health meets up with Sheikh Muszaphar who candidly shares with us not only his fitness routine, but also life after the expedition on p28.


While we’re on the topic of keeping fit, on p58, we instigate the distinction between the popular exercise regime, namely CrossFit, which has been steadily growing over the past decade and conventional weight training. And knowing the insatiable thirst for knowledge of the Men’s Health readers, we see it as our mission to present you an unbiased discussion that examines the differing opinions about the both of them. And of all the things we preach for in this magazine—travel, fashion and so forth, improving the house is one that’s on our radar. No longer just the family room, you probably already know that increasing attention is bestowed to the other parts of your residence. The first question likely to crop is: What do I need to make my stamp? Then followed by: How do I go about doing it? Turn to p90 to find an abundance of advice from the experts.

Till now, I still get ask the question, “Is Men’s Health a health and fitness magazine?” Well, in short, my reply is always something along the lines of it is all about extracting the most from life—and this issue is no different.


John Ng, Editor, Men’s Health Malaysia

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