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Men’s Skin Centres (MSC) Contest


Men’s Skin Centres (MSC)

Men’s Skin Centres pride themselves on being a leader in the men’s skincare industry. For 31 years, they have strived at improving men’s overall well-being by providing excellent skincare and grooming solutions. MSC has a team of professional consultants to design and put together personalized skincare and grooming solutions for today’s men. They are a one-stop grooming centre providing treatments ranging from deep cleansing, purifying and hydrating to acne management and sculpting.

The Tummy Sculpting Treatment
MSC’s slimming treatment is divided into 3 different stages to help you obtain a healthy looking physique. The systematic 3-stage slimming treatments help you to effective break and drain fats and most importantly to firm and tone flaccid muscle and tissue.

Burn – localized pockets of fat and fat deposits are broken down using the first stage of treatments including Radio Frequency Precision Sculpt and Acoustic Wave Lipo Therapy.

Detox/ Drain – Second stage treatments such as Tri Active Body Sculpting Therapy and High Performance Drainage Therapy assist in draining fatty acids, glycerols and toxins.

Sculpt – Finally with the help of the third stage treatments like the Power Physique Wrap and Smart Glove Massage, muscles are targeted for firming and toning.

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11 x Tummy Sculpting Treatments worth RM500 each

1. Name the three stages of MSC’s Tummy Sculpting Treatment.

2. In the Grooming section of this month’s issue, which of the following is recommended to help remove dead skin cells?
a. Exfoliation
b. Toning
c. Face masks

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March 28, 2014