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Men’s Health February: More Intimacy


It’s February—the shortest, and as tradition dictates, the most impassioned month of the year. When it comes to relationships, sex and everything in between, one of the most valuable things is being able to be individual, but at the same time, still see a part of yourself in the person you’re with and vice versa. Knowing that this isn’t exactly the time you want to get on her bad side inadvertently, this issue is packed with what you need to be familiar with about the art of charm.

In order to avoid confusion, extracting Stephanie Chai’s take on love would be a good starting point. What’s next? Read the shrewd, witty responses from our contributor Vivian Chong to your questions. And should you be looking for ways to improve your sex life, you will find Dr Martha Lee’s practical advice on what you must know before and after getting into bed particularly helpful in more than one way.

If gym time has already become a drag, discover how you can build greater total-body strength with one genius move in Alpha Male. Meanwhile, as you explore the two workout routines designed to help you get in the best possible shape of your life in My Personal Trainer, make sure to also check out the first of a three-part fitness plan put together by the experts at FIT Malaysia.

Last but not least, as we continue to develop our style section, aside from featuring a gamut of classic items necessary to conjure up an impressive wardrobe, there’s also a showcase of timepieces that guarantees to get you noticed. All you have to do is to browse through the pages and be inspired to up your own game.

John Ng, Editor, Men’s Health Malaysia

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