MHFrom the Editor

New Year, New Beginning

John Ng, Editor, Men's Health Malaysia

The dawn of a new year always carries the lure of new beginning and fresh start, and with it, the reminder of our own power to become the people we wish to be, leading the lives we’ve always imagined. It’s true for us here at Men’s Health and we’re sure it is for you too.

If you’ve made yourself a fitness-focused New Year’s resolution but are afraid of letting go, here’s the thing: You can depend on us to keep you on track. All you have to do is to be ready. This month, our cover guy reveals the workout secrets that have helped him tone up and become super fit. Looking for intense ways to build more muscles while cranking up your stamina? Sure! You’ll also find plenty of practical training strategies you can do to get that body you’ve always wanted – and more.

You probably already know that eating right is essential to fuel you and your muscles up adequately. So why not learn how to stir up your own hearty meal with simple ingredients and easy step-by-step instructions. Trust us, it’s suitable for even the most novice cook.

Meanwhile, as we take on a new approach towards our style pages, go ahead and explore the fashion-forward ensembles we have put together that guarantee to make you a true trend-setter this year. Jacket, shirt, jeans, sunglasses? You name it, we’ve got it.

Last but not least, our digital home is back up and running, so now you know exactly where to go for all the health and fitness, event and promotion updates!

John Ng, Editor, Men’s Health Malaysia