Sex Pistol


Sperm counts are falling by around 3% every year. Use these potent boosters to claw back the deficit and lift your libido.


7.30am – Zest for life

Mentally, you might be stuck in first gear, but you can rev fertility up by quaffing the juice of half a lemon in a mug of hot water. “This will accelerate your liver’s removal of oestrogen, a major male fertility saboteur,” says complementary therapist and author Emma Cannon, author of The Baby-Making Bible. “It’s most potent drunk on an empty stomach.”
Fertility boost: 7/10


8am – Soldier on

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Forgo your weekend fry-up and go soft boiled instead. “Eggs contain a full spectrum of amino acids, helping to stimulate sperm production,” says nutritional therapist Maria Griffiths. “Avoid frying though, as it’s harder for you to absorb the nutrients.”
Fertility boost: 8/10


8.15am – Feed your swimmers

Make a deposit in your sperm bank with a daily CoEnzyme Q10 supplement. Fertility consultant Zita West says: “This fuels the mitochondria in your sperm cells.” No, those aren’t the microscopic life forms bestowing Jedi powers, but rather your swimmers’ energy packs. Go for Nature’s Gift Co Q10 Plus(RM240).
Fertility boost: 9/10


1.30pm – Get fruity

Load your pistol with pomegranate: it’s an all-round fertility booster. Load your pistol with pomegranate: it’s an all-round fertility booster. Studies show the fruit lifts your libido, increases blood flow, and its polyphenols keep
sperm healthy, too. Riper fruit tends to be denser in nutrients, so cop a feel before you get down to business.
Fertility boost: 10/10


6pm – Hot & heavy

“Add the Turkish Get-up to your workout” says PT Ian Mellis. “The high intensity will cause a testosterone surge.” And that will ramp up your sex drive.Hold a dumbbell in one hand over your head. Slowly lower, kneeling first, then lying face up. Return to the start, keeping your arm fixed. Do six reps each side.
Fertility boost: 9/10


7pm – Drinking gains

Prepare your army for deployment by brewing up some ginseng tea before bed. A study in the medical journal Panminerva Medica found that the Asian herb enhanced sperm motility. Try Eu Yan Sang’s American Ginseng Tea (RM36.80). It aids sleep, too – make the most of it before your offspring arrives…
Fertility boost: 7/10



Words by Jessica Powell. Photo by Corbis.


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