MH Grooming Awards 2013: In Your Gym Bag


No need for industrial grade dispenser soap. Toss these essentials in your gym bag and your body will thank you for it.


1: ClarinsMen Gel Super Hydratant Super Moisture Gel
Don’t neglect your face with this lightweight gel, which will help revitalise and firm up skin.


2: Kiehl’s Cross-Terrain Dry Run Foot Cream
This barrier cream helps keep your feet dry when you’re going all out. It will help prevent nasty odours too.


3: Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash
Working up a sweat can hit your face hard. Hit back with this all-in-one product that will cleanse, refresh, condition and exfoliate.


4: Aveda Men Pure-formance Shampoo and Conditioner
Clinically proven to leave the scalp calmer, healthier, moisturised and with shiny hair to boot. The cooling effect is also a welcome relief after a rigorous workout.


5: Rexona Ice Cool Anti-Perspirant Deodorant
A blast of this cool fragrance will provide all-day dryness protection after finishing at the only place you want to sweat.


6: Dettol High Performance for Men Extreme Shower Gel
Great for cleaning the skin after a power workout.. It’s cool, soothing, and will refresh you almost instantly.


7: L’oreal Professional Web TecniArt Design Sculpting Paste
Bring pineapple hair back into shape without making it greasy. Easily applied so styling won’t take very long.


8: Dashing Talcum Active
Useful to avoid chaffing in the obvious areas, and some not so.


9: Dolce & Gabbana One Sport EDT
A light and energetic fragrance, which will leave you smelling great without overpowering the senses.