Men’s Health February: Knowing is Growing


    The Juice on Beet

    Fact: Beetroot juice increases blood flow to skeletal muscles during exercise. According to a study on lab rats, the juice’s nitrate heavy content was found to be responsible for increasing blood flow to fast-twitch muscle fibres used for explosive running. Athletes engaged in sports that depend on explosive running such as rugby could potentially take advantage of this effect. Here’s an added bonus: Beetroot juice can also improve the quality of life for heart failure patients.   Image by  

    Post in Nutrition on February 17th, 2015
    Train Like a Model

          When asked what’s his workout routine like, TJ tanler replies, “I switch it up often and I find incorporating high-intensity interval training into it efficient and beneficial.” He says he is able to achieve the same results in 30 minutes as he would from spending an hour and a half at the gym. The whole notion is to work your muscles as hard as you can in the shortest period of time. “You want to your body to think that it is in danger by systematically increasing the resistance and intensity of your programme.” By ...

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    Tired of Dinner and a Movie?

    More kinks in the bedroom can make it cool to go a little crazy—once you agree on what that means.         1/ “Kinky” means your sex life feels like a Saw sequel. False. Dabbling in deviance does not have to involve leather and nipple clamps. It’s the newness and not the fear that’s stimulating, says Dr Gail Saltz, a sex therapist in New York City. “So if it’s Fifty Shades you’re after, you might put on some of the costumes, just to get a feel for it,” she says. The most common kinks are the least freaky ones. In ...

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    Taking a Giant Leap

    Years of neglect kept Izzwan’s weight on an upward climb until a heartbreak snapped him back to reality.   Workout Routine MONDAY:  Circuit A x 13 TUESDAY: Minimum 1 hour cardio (sports, Insanity workout etc.) WEDNESDAY: Circuit A x 13 THURSDAY: Minimum 1 hour cardio (sports, Insanity workout etc.) FRIDAY: Circuit A x 13 SATURDAY: Circuit B x 6 1 minute plank and 30 seconds side plank on each side x 2 SUNDAY: Rest *Circuit A: 20 x pushup, 20 x reverse fly, 20 x dumbbell squat, 20 x lat pulldown, 30 seconds kneeup, 20 x abs workouts *Circuit ...

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    Men's Health February: Knowing is Growing

      Guess what? We bet you think about it as often as the guy next to you. And yet, for some reason it seems as though there’s neither the right time nor place for two decent blokes to initiate a serious and sensible dialogue about it. Hence we decided to take the first step here with our 69 sex (in the broadest sense of the term) tips on p68. This is by no means an exhaustive list but let this be the start of many to follow nonetheless. On p56, for example, we lay down six new rules on how you can evaluate your sex appeal. Why do ...

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    Tips to Scoring a Supermodel

     1Drop the Mysterious Act “I don’t like guys who are shady. Like, they don’t want you to meet their family or friends. Or if they can’t even tell you who they’re hanging out with. It just makes me wonder: Are you ashamed of me or your friends? Cause either way, that’s not cool. You should be a whole person, with your flaws and everything. You shouldn’t hide anything.”   2 Know When It’s Right “You know that you’re both compatible when communication is easy and you never pretend to like something just for the sake of ...

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    Crouching Calories, Hidden Sugar
    Crouching Calories, Hidden Sugar

      Displaying the amount of sugar an item contains on the nutritional fact label NHANES surveys may be effective in helping you make healthier choices, suggests study authors. According to data from NHANES surveys, 71.1% of the sugar we consume daily comes from food and beverages purchased at grocery stores and 15.6% comes from restaurant foods. Surprisingly, among these packaged goods, soda and sports drinks accounts for the highest sugar level (34.4%), while fruit drinks (8%) and candy (5.6%) fall in the lower range. Photographs by Dreamstime. ...

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    Is Your Workout Wasted?
    Is Your Workout Wasted?

    Barbell curls don’t cancel out 12-ounce curls, and yet people tend to increase their drinking on days they’re more active. That’s what researchers at Penn State discovered when they had study participants log their workouts and alcohol consumption. Some people may exercise to counter calories from alcohol or use booze to reward hard work, the scientists speculate. “Alcohol can decrease postworkout muscle-building signals,” warns MH US nutrition adviser Dr Mike Roussell. “Make your first pint a protein shake—that can lessen the effect.”       ...

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    Hook, Line, and Gut Shrinker
    Hook, Line, and Gut Shrinker

    Pick your protein wisely: A study review by Swiss and South African researchers suggests that eating fish can help you shed weight. People who ate fish regularly or took fish oil supplements every day lost 1.3 more pounds over two to three months than those who went fish-free. They also shaved nearly half a point more off their body-fat percentage. According to study author Dr Nicole Bender, the omega-3 fatty acids in fish have anti-inflammatory effects that can boost weight loss. Aim for two servings a week of a fatty fish, such as salmon.   Photograph ...

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    Lips Don’t Lie
    Lips Don’t Lie

    Sure, charm counts, but good kissing trumps personality and looks for women considering a long-term relationship, a study in the journal Evolutionary Psychology reports. Women preferred men described as good kissers—and photographs of the men didn’t change their choice. One reason: Your saliva offers clues to your current health, says researcher Dr Robin Dunbar. Plus, he says, your spit will taste pleasant to a woman who’s a good genetic fit.     Image by

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