Increase Your Frontage

Get a gym-sized chest in the comfort of your own home.


Chair exercise: Parallel chair dips

(Muscles: pecs, triceps, abs)


Place two chairs, backs facing each other, shoulder width apart. With a hand on top of each, step back and then lean forward. If the chairs are sturdy enough, point your toes behind you and rest on the tops of your feet. Bend your elbows to lower yourself and then push back. “This targets your upper chest more than a regular press up,” Says Mark Lauren, author of You Are Your Own Gym. Don’t forget to replace the chair before dinner.



Door exercise: Towel pull-ups

(Muscles: pecs, biceps, forearms, lats)


Wedge a door open and ensure there’s sufficient room above, so you don’t put your head through the ceiling. Sling a towel over the top of the door and grip either end firmly. Take the strain, then lift your feet off the floor. Drag your body up the door until you can see over the top. Hold this position for 1-2 sec, then extend your arms and slowly lower your body back to the start position.



Floor exercise: Cloth flys

(Muscles: pecs, triceps, abs)


You’ll need a smooth, clean surface and a couple of dish cloths. Place them on the ground, shoulder width apart. Drop into a press-up position, with a hand on each cloth. Slide them outwards, keeping a slight bend in your elbows. “Slide them back to carve out a groove of muscle down the centre of your chest,” says Lauren. “The lower you slide, the harder your chest works.” Gain bonus brownie points by pretending to clean the floor.



Couch exercise: Iso-tension

(Muscles: pecs, biceps, forearms, lats)


This can be done in front of the TV. Place your palms together and push in for 30 sec to tense your chest muscles. “This forces blood into your pecs, giving the appearance of greater size while increasing the amount of oxygen, aiding muscle repair,” says Lauren. That’s why it’s ideal for the end of this workout.



Words by Ray Clerk. Photography by Leon.


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