Shoulders To Eye On

Let’s take a step back and see. You have a great chest and massive arms, but what about the part that connects the two? The shoulders. Neglect them and you’ll look weak and puny. Eliminate that weak link with these exercises.


A – Seated shoulder press

Works the back and shoulders

1) Sit on a bench and hold a dumb-bell in each hand. Hoist them up so that they’re on either side of your head.

2) Straighten your arms to press the weights above your head. Pause at the top without locking out your elbows to put tension on your shoulders. Now slowly lower them back to the start.


B – Front raises

Works the shoulders and abs

1) Stand or sit holding a weight in each hand. Let your arms hang to your sides.

2) Keep your palms facing the ground and raise the weights above your head. Your biceps should brush past your ears. Pause at the top then take 2-3 seconds to lower the weights to the start.



For bigger and faster results, try and incorporate the doubles technique.



Photos courtesy of BluInc Media. All rights reserved.