Beautiful, bold and charming, guest DJ of Fly FM’s Rush Hour and host of 8TV Quickie Zher Peen shares her thoughts on qualities she finds attractive in a man.

1 Odour stopper

Manliness should be something you see, not smell. “Guys, please consider using deodorant or showering after the gym. No one needs to smell your work out in the elevator,” she squirms. But notice she didn’t say lash on the cologne – keep it neutral and don’t overdo any kind of fragrance.


2 Have an interest

“If he has nothing to share, there’s nothing to talk about. If he’s not excited about anything, then there’s nothing exciting about him.” Fair enough – hobbies, interests and activities are ways for people to relate, and he who has nothing to offer, well, Zher feels simply has nothing to offer.


3 Be sensitive to sensitive subjects

“I once dated a guy who brought along sunscreen that his previous girlfriend bought for him – on our vacation! It’s like, ‘come on –are you serious?’” Exes, no matter how long since departed, are touchy matters to all women. Be mindful that you’re not letting the past make a pass at your present chances.


4 Categorise things, not people

There aren’t enough slots in the world to file all the women in the world into. “It’s such a turn off when a guy thinks he’s got me all figured out just by looking at me, or try and put me into a template of how he thinks I am or supposed to be like,” she shares. Let her give you the study guide on everything about her.