MHStyle & Grooming

More than just a beard

If you’re not the clean shaven mug kind nor are you the full burly beard man then these tips should prove helpful.

Smooth like Kanye West

Kanye West has a cool beard and moustache that brings his look together really well. He has a roundish face so he avoids sideburns and keeps his hair really short and close to his head. His beard is what is called, a circle beard, and he sports a moustache that continues along the sides of the mouth to meet up with the facial hair on the jaw. To get Kanye’s look, first grow your facial hair out as best as you can while continuing to shave your jaw and neck. After achieving the desired length, visit your hair stylist to get the super-sharp lines, and then maintain the look with a razor at home.

Posh like Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has a well groomed goatee that follows the natural growth of his jaw line. It softens the hard lines of his jaw and makes him look more approachable. First, head to the salon to get a professional cut, then maintain it on your own by using a small sized razor to keep the lip hair trim. Also, use a straight razor for the cheeks.

Badass like Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke has a style and look all unto his own, and not many people can get away with it. The only reason Rourke gets away with it is because he is just so damn cool. He has an exaggerated, thinned moustache that extends past the width of the lip, with a slightly visible chinstrap connected to a goatee tuft. Use an electric shaver that is set to low to get the thin moustache, and try some shaving oil to expose the hair lines.

Original like Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor from Slumdog Millionaire fame is enjoying the limelight in Hollywood, easing his way in amongst the A-listers with his rugged good looks. He wears a full beard that is slightly fuller on the cheeks, and a handlebar across the lips and into the cheeks. To get his look, let your beard grow naturally. For the straight moustache like Kapoor’s, use a razor to align the shape and use a trimmer to keep it from growing below your lip.

The ladies man like Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling matches his unkempt facial hair style together with a modern hairstyle which surprisingly works great. This Oscar nominated actor has a pointed chin as well as a soft jawline. A fuller beard makes Ryan look more masculine by adding weight along the jaw and chin. To emulate his look, go for a shaggier, medium-weight beard. This style is rather easy to grow and maintain, just grow your hair out while shaving bits on your chin as well as keeping the lines along your sideburns and cheeks clean by removing any stray hairs with a razor.

All images from celebrity wonder