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Scientifically-proven training tips to improve your gains – all within reach at your nearest shopping destination.


If you find that playing ‘Eye of the Tiger’ is no longer giving you enough motivation to squeeze out your last reps, then it’s time to give yourself another reason for training. The brainiacs at the forefront of fitness research found that people are less likely to participate in fitness activities when they think their actions are controlled by others, feel unskilled or have negative social connections related to the activity. Our advice is since you already have the education bit in your hands; get yourself a bathroom scale to make you proud of all that body-fat which you’ve shed at the gym.



Remember those childhood days when a box of raisins meant you had a new home for your pet ants? Neither do we. In this day and age however, it’s the box’s contents which are more important – and we mean raisins not the ants. Scientists studied the athletic performance of test subjects who replaced a sports gel with raisins in a 60-minute cycling trial. The result: similar levels of performance although levels of free fatty acids were slightly higher for the raisin chompers. If you’re reading this at a newsstand with a supermarket nearby, don’t let us tell you what to do.



For many of us, the drawback to working out is the way we limp into the office the next day with soreness all over. Counter this inconvenience by getting your heart-rate up before hitting weight-machines and strength bars. Studies have shown the effectiveness of cardio acceleration in eliminating delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Don’t rely on chance, a heart-rate monitor will provide a more accurate reading that your body is ready for manly lifting.



‘Waking up on the wrong side of bed’ may make you irritable, snappish, and may well cause you to miss your work out. Researchers have discovered that overweight subjects who missed out on a good night’s rest were less likely to complete their recommended exercise for that day. Of course you know exercise puts you in a good mood, but if you’d like to wake up with a good mood pre-exercise, cut out nocturnal disruptions including snoring.



Photography by Marcus Wong. Product Styling by Hilal.