Holiday Cheat Sheet (Part 2)

Apply these fat-burning tricks before you head off to sunnier climes and you’ll find you’re travelling with less carry-on luggage.



Choose the right protein

Pick the right shake to up your calorie burn for hours to come. Opt for whey protein after a workout as it provides a bigger calorie-burning boost and hits your muscles faster than other protein sources, according to a Swiss study. For an anytime drink stick to casein as it’s digested slower, delaying hunger pangs.


Avoid low-fat snacks

You’ll take on 28% more calories if you eat low-fat snacks instead of the everyday variety, according to a study in the Journal of Marketing Research. People tend to think these ‘healthy’ versions are much lower in fat than they actually are. Low-fat foods usually contain around 11% less fat than their regular counterparts, but dieters believe they contain anywhere up to 40% less. “People don’t realise that low-fat foods are not always low-calorie,” says study author Brian Wansik. Take home message? Go full fat (in moderation) to lose weight.


Supplement daily

You’ll double your body’s ability to build muscle if you take a fi sh supplement with at least 150mg of DHA and 200mg of EPA every day, found research at Washington University. “These omega-3 fats send signals to your body telling it to start turning protein into muscle,” says study author Dr Bettina Mittendorfer.




Go low GI at breakfast

You’ll burn an extra 5% of fat during training if you start your day with a low GI breakfast, according to research in the Journal of Nutrition. Try reduced-sugar baked beans on rye toast to sweat off more of your paunch and reduce the chances of you raiding the vending machine before lunchtime.


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