Cost-Cutting Measures

If you’re sick of sky-high drug prices, it may be time to divide and conquer. Splitting a double dose of a medication could reduce its cost by up to 50 percent, says Ben Epstein, Pharm.D., an assistant professor of pharmacy at the University of Florida. Listed below are some high-priced meds you can halve. Use a pill splitter for a clean, even cut, and divide only one at a time; the active ingredients may degrade faster when they’re exposed to air.


Statins: Lipitor, Crestor
Antidepressants: Lexapro
Erectile dysfunction: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra
Sleep medications: Lunesta
Antihypertensives: Diovan, Atacand, Benicar, Micardis, Teveten


Note: Talk to your doctor and pharmacist before splitting any pills. And never split capsules, pills with hard coatings, or variable-release drugs.



Image by Corbis

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