4 Types of Girls You Should Avoid

Not all girls are ‘made from sugar and spice, and everything nice.’ We’ve identified the ones you should just skip entirely to avoid the unnecessary emotional repercussions later in your quest to find the right one.


The friendly native

New friends, they show you around, take you to the best places, then you turn around and they’re gone. You’d think being friends with a woman is a good thing – it isn’t. “If your partner calls you her best friend, plot your exit strategy,” says sex therapist Simone Bienne. “Because I guarantee within six months you are not going to be having sex.”


All-in-one package deal

Everything you need in one deal. Food; board; entertainment. But suddenly, it’s all a bit much. You’re smothered by an overbearing hostess. “Some females fall into the trap of loving too much and putting their man’s interest before their own,” says Bienne. Sound good? It does until you consider this. “She’s needy.” Bugger.


High-maintenance hotel

Attractive, well-decorated and pleasant to be in. But beware of leaks below the surface. A high-maintenance woman can, says Bienne, be spotted early. “First dates should be about selling yourself,” she says. “If she says anything negative about herself, her friends or her life, she’s going to need a lot of reassurance.”


The scammer

All you want is a friendly local. Preferably an attractive one, like that one, who is definitely into you. Which is why you buy her a drink. Then another and another… “Prick teases are dangerous, but easy to spot,” says Bienne. “Physically, they draw you in, then keep you at arms length. They’ll keep their friends close and won’t ask any questions.”



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