Is Your Heart In The Right Place?


Heart problems may seem like they come out of the blue. Not really. Here are some early warning signs that your ticker is in trouble.


A Head Rush

If you often get light-headed when you stand up – and you’re not just hungover – it could be a sign that your heart is not pumping blood to the brain fast enough.


Excessive Thirst and Peeing More

If these symptoms sound familiar, go and see your doctor. It is estimated there could be thousands of Malaysians walking around with undiagnosed diabetes, which causes hardening of the arteries and decreased blood flow. This condition will put a greater strain on your heart.


Erectile Dysfunction

The penile artery is about a third of the size of the coronary arteries in the heart. This means that if you’re starting to develop vascular problems, trouble raising the flag might just point to something more serious.


Bleeding Gums

Several studies have linked gum disease and heart problems, with speculation that bacteria enter your bloodstream via your gums and deposit proteins that cause your blood to clot.



Image from Stockexchange


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