Mind Your Size


Personality traits help determine whether your body mass index (BMI) rises or falls, suggests a study in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research.


Falling BMI: Self-directedness

What it is: You focus your behaviour on meeting specific long-term diet and workout goals.

Foster it: Devise specific, measurable targets, such as “I will cut 200 calories a day” instead of I’ll eat healthier


Rising BMI: Novelty seeking

What it is: You’re prone to binge eating and stress snacking.

Control it: Reflect on what gives you lasting satisfaction, not instant pleasure. Do you really want that snack, or do you want to slim down?


Rising BMI: Self-transcendence

What it is: You give in to magical thinking, like dreaming you’ll shred fat without discipline.

Control it: Take charge of your habits by working on your self-directedness (see above).



Image from Stockexchange


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