Men’s Health September 2013 Giveaway- Svenson


Svenson has launched the StemPlus Therapy, a treatment that aims to regenerate the scalp faster to spur follicle growth and thicken hair density noticeably. Incorporating stem extracts from adipose tissue with the latest technologies, the treatment works towards shortening the resting phase of the hair cycle, generating more hair follicles during the growing phase and producing thick healthy hair. This formula is intended for most hair scalp conditions.

The idea is, it helps repair the scalp from previous damage by increasing the subcutaneous fat below the scalp while providing antimicrobial benefits. StemPlus Therapy includes a soothing head massage, thorough hair and scalp cleansing with customised shampoo, application of the StemPlus serum on the affected area, and steaming treatment to improve the scalp circulation and absorption of the serum. This is followed by a session using the Scalp Simulator and ends with a final pampering massage.

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