Know Your Bedding


Having handsome bedding is essential when it comes to wooing a woman into your lair of lust. And if that’s where you hope to end your date, here’s what you need to know.


Colour Palette

Women prefer bedding that appeals to their sense of style, says Denise Tan, regional marketing manager of Aussino. If she prefers the minimalistic look, go for muted colours such as grey, navy blue or brown. If she’s more adventurous, go for bolder prints. But never buy black, unless you want to give her lessons in forensics without the CSI UV lights.


Sheer Fit

To make mattresses more lush, manufacturers are now making them thicker than they used to. And a little rough and tumble on the bed could easily cause the sheets to pop off. To prevent this, buy those that are “fitted” = meaning they come with elastic bands at their edges – so they hug the mattress snugly while the both of you are snugly wrapping your arms around each other.


Subtle & Simple

You want to create a cosy and inviting bed, not one that’s elaborately decorated like a boudoir, or where everything is immaculately arranged. Think about it: If she’s seeing your bed for the first time and it’s too pristine, she’ll think you either don’t have more important things in life to care about besides your bed – or that you actually want to sleep with her brother.


Keep Clean

You don’t want her to find any unsightly stains you (or another woman) may have left behind during your extra-nocturnal activities, so we recommend washing your sheets every week.


Pillow Fight

Depending on how much space you have, use a mixture of pillows: standard-size, square or decorative ones with coordinated covers. The rule of thumb: Start with the biggest ones at the back. Bolsters, you say? Hey, you’re the one she should be hugging.


Cotton Won’t Be Forgotten

If it’s the comfort factor you’re after, always go for 100% cotton, says Tan. And make sure it’s labelled on the packaging. If your really want to leave an unforgettable impression, try cotton sateen, which feels like silk against your skin. It may be a little on the pricier side (a set typically costs RM500 and up) but her naked body against your sheets will more than make up for it.


Count Your Thread

You probably already know the formula: The higher the thread count, the better the quality of the sheets. And although you know most women would have been pleased with a 200 thread count 20 years ago, their tastes have changed, says Tan. “Go for a higher thread count, such as 400 or more, if you want to keep her happy.”



Image from Stockexchange


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