Truth about Beer Goggles


Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder. That’s the conclusion of researchers at Manchester University who got the beers in, then asked volunteers to rate the attractiveness of faces shown on a computer screen. The tipsy ones tended to find the faces more attractive their sober counterparts, which was expected. A poll found 68% of people admitted to giving their numbers to someone when drunk, only to later realise that they didn’t find them attractive. However other factors were involved in how attractive someone was perceived to be, such as light levels and the distance between the two people. Researchers also found:

1. Beer goggles come on quicker if you wear glasses.
2. The bad turns good. Where even the so-so Ramli burger looks better.
3. It only takes a pint for the effect to take hold.
4. It lasts for 24 hours in men but only two or three hours in women.


Image from Stockexchange


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