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  • Booze, Obesity and Depression
    Booze, Obesity and Depression
  • Hit on Her at the Gym
    Hit on Her at the Gym
  • Her Online Influences
    Her Online Influences
  • Flexibility Concerns
    Flexibility Concerns


  • Tri Harder
    Tri Harder
  • Lean & Mean
    Lean & Mean
  • Feels Like The First Time
    Feels Like The First Time
  • Stay in the Friend Zone
    Stay in the Friend Zone
  • Look Before You Cook
    Look Before You Cook
  • Give Till It Heals
    Give Till It Heals
  • For Love, Not Money

    For Love, Not Money

    Here’s one less thing to worry about in hard times: Women care more about mutual attraction and your dependability than your paycheck, say University of Iowa researchers. In a ranking of 18 potential mate characteristics, a man’s financial prospects ranked 10th, behind emotional stability and desire for a home and family, among others. Dead last for men and ...

  • The Voice of Sex

    The Voice of Sex

    Ben Stein, ladies’ man?

  • Make Her Glisten

    Make Her Glisten

    Here’s an excuse to try something new: watching the same erotic film over and over can blunt her arousal.