A Fat Man’s Journey to Fitness (Week 7)

I’m still on course with my journey to fitness. Even though I’ve passed the halfway stage, I’ve still managed to keep to a regular schedule. Designed by Jerrican Tan, owner of FIT Malaysia (03-7726-0030) and MH fitness adviser, this week we move out of the work-rest habit and into sustained cardio. As per usual, Eric Koh ACE PT would be my source of motivation (read: whip cracker).


Cardio: 3mins RPE Level 6; 3mins RPE Level 4 (repeat 3 times)

Resistance training: 15min challenge (no breaks)

Burpees x 5

Press-ups x 10

TRX row x 15


Basically, the change in the format is that you (or, in this case, me) keep going for 15 minutes without stopping, moving from one exercise station to the next. No sweat.


OK, so again with Eric’s input, we ditched the cardio exercise and started with a 20min run, increasing the speed slightly after every five minutes. Then came the dreaded burpees. Again, I was made to realise how much age and a lack of exercise had taken their toll on my frame. As a young man I could bang out 20 of these in smart order without so much as a second thought. Now, I was floundering through them like a penguin on acid.


Then, I’m straight into press-ups, then TRX row. It hits you as you end the first “round” just how quickly you’re cycling through everything and your heart’s not getting any “downtime”. My BPM was right up and it was a struggle to catch my breath. And I still had the better part of 15mins to go.


Naturally, my shoulders couldn’t cope with so many sets of burpees and press-ups, so I was on my knees after a few rounds, but still managing to squeeze off the required number of reps. Eric mentioned that the important thing was that you keep going and don’t stop for rest too much. Easier said than done.


But it was done. Roll on Week 8 and another assessment.


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