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High temperatures send female libidos soaring. Research in Physiology & Behavior shows Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH) (linked to increased female sex drive) rises with sun exposure. That, soldier, spells opportunity: right now, she’s up for pushing her limits. MH conducted a survey with to find out which sex adventures they’d be up for this summer. Turn the page to get what you’ve always wanted…


Get her into: Sex in water

At the beach wait until she’s been sunbathing for an hour then splash a little cold water and let it trickle down her spine. This will get blood pumping round her body, says Lou Paget, author of How To Be A Great Lover. When you’re in the sea together carry her on your back to maximise the contact between you, then swim out to a point where the water is up to your shoulders. The buoyancy of the water frees you to try positions that are backbreaking on dry land.

Win her over Increase your chance of water sports by swimming gently together for 10 minutes before making waves. The journal Brain Research reports that this releases noradrenaline into the blood, which increases her libido.


Get her into: Dressing up

To convince her to indulge in some character action tell her she’d look great in a nurse’s outfit – not that you’ve always wanted sex with a nurse. It has to be a joint adventure too, says sex blogger Holly Pervocracy. “If you want her in a skin-tight Joan Holloway dress, a Don Draper suit is the least you can do. Women don’t just fantasise about being sexy; we fantasise about being with sexy men.”

Win her over Ask her to decide where, when and how you have sex. A study at the University of North Carolina found giving her the power of decision provides a surge of dopamine that will loosen her inhibitions and see her running for the dressing-up box.


Get her into: Outdoor sex

Suggest that ‘walk in the woods’ on a sunny day. Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania found sunshine ramps up dopamine levels, increasing her sex drive. Sex in public is illegal, remember, so aim for somewhere genuinely secluded. “Play up the feeling of illicitness,” says Pervocracy. “But don’t say, ‘It’s hot because someone could see us’. That’s scary. Instead, say ‘It’s hot because we don’t care who sees us’.”

Win her over If she’s still nervous, suggest sex in high places. “Do it somewhere above a public place, like a rooftop, hilltop, or balcony.” It’s still exciting but because it’s more unlikely you’ll actually be seen, she’s more likely to cut loose.


Get her into: The Mile High Club

This is all about planning. Before you check-in, check out to find seats near the rear toilets. After food is served, your plates will be collected first and you’ll have a moment to slip to the loo while the attendants are busy. Let her go first and agree a knock to let you in. The least noisy position is for her to sit on you, facing forwards, says Pervocracy.

Win her over Need an in-flight aphrodisiac? Load up a laptop with a film like Woody Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Research at Skidmore College, New York found watching films where a man seduces a younger woman increases a woman’s testosterone levels. Her sex drive will climb with the altitude.




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