Blade Upgrade


Ensure every slice is right every time with MH’s sharp selection of tools


#1 Extreme engineering: The field knife

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife
This isn’t just a knife – it’s an entire life support system. “It’s made to military standard, with features including a self-sharpening sheath, a stainless-steel pommel for hammering in tent pegs and a rescue whistle,” says Alex Buxton, equipment editor of Adventure Travel magazine. Jointly developed by renowned knife specialists Gerber and Bear Grylls, the half-serrated 4.8in stainless-steel blade will make short work of animal flesh or wood. It  also features a “striker notch”, which you can rub against a flint to spark a fire. Bright idea.


#2 Precision made simple: The cook’s knife

Global G Series 20cm Cook’s Knife
Crafted in Niigata, Japan, using techniques perfected by Samurai sword makers, this all-purpose blade will glide through anything you meet on your culinary adventures. “This is the best- selling cook’s knife of all time, and for a reason,” says Trevor Leek, buyer at The blade is forged from high chromium stainless steel (giving extra stain resistance) containing the elements molybdenum and vanadium (for added durability). It’s also ground to a steeper point than standard European knives, giving you ultimate cutting accuracy.


#3 Chef’s secret weapon: The paring knife

Wusthof Le Cordon Bleu Paring Knife
The quality German engineering of expert knife-forgers Wüsthof Trident combined with the French flair of Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in Paris has created a masterpiece. “Perfectly balanced, this light, sharp knife is ideal for finely chopping vegetables and more intricate tasks such as separating broccoli florets,” says Leek. The 12cm steel blade is computer designed and laser cut to deliver a knife that’s 30% lighter and 20% sharper than Wüsthof’s regular knives, reducing wrist fatigue when preparing that banquet, or special meal for two.


#4 King of swing: The everyman axe

Gransfors Small Forest Axe
Whether it’s for gardening or hacking up unwanted Ikea wardrobes, every man needs an axe. Gransfors are individually handmade by Swedish craftsmen, and this one, developed by outdoor expert Lars Falt, is its lightest, most versatile yet. “The blade is thin, minimising the weight, but the handle is long enough to get good strength into your swing,” says Buxton. The power to fell trees will weigh you down by just 1kg.


#5 Pocket-sized power: The Swiss Army knife

Victorinox Silvertech Swiss Champ
As the sole supplier of multi-purpose knives to the Swiss Army, Victorinox (established in 1884) really knows its metal. And this one is its most powerful outdoor option. With 33 tools, you’ll be armed with 15 more gadgets than the next best-equipped rival Leatherman and also save 45g in weight. “This is an asset to any adventure traveller, with more features than you can shake a trekking pole at,” says Buxton. “Use it for prepping food, shaving tinder or just opening beers.” Tools include a screwdriver, wire-cutters, saw, can opener and, vitally, a corkscrew.



Words by Mark Bailey. Photography by Max Oppenheim


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