Azura Zainal: Dream Girl


You probably would recognise her from a popular kids TV show back then, Disney Buzz. Guess what, she’s all grown up now and the pint-sized Azura is super energetic, sexy and always up for a good laugh. Veiling her petite physique is Azura’s penchant for adrenaline and extreme sports, which reflects in the kind of guys she likes. Let us walk you through this.


Body of a warrior

“I like a man who’s athletic, into sports and takes care of his health. He needs to have ‘The Chest’ and big biceps, not necessarily muscular ones but nice to look at and to hold.”


No clowning around

“He has to be funny. Not clownish (because I’m the clown) but witty when making jokes and doing his ‘thang’.”

Kindred spirit

“We should have common interests. He’d do well if he likes things that I like, for example going into the jungle.”



“He must know how to carry himself and be respectful towards my family.”


Living in the moment

“He needs to be fun – a spontaneous guy who’ll say, ‘Hey, let’s go for a roller coaster ride.”


A shoulder to lean on

“He’s got to be somebody I can count on; a responsible man who would be there for me if I were in trouble.”


Stylistically sensible

“I have a weakness for men in uniform but generally I like a guy who dresses appropriately based on whatever the occasion is. On a daily basis, though, board shorts with T-shirts are cool with me.”


Talk her talk

“If you want to approach me, outdoorsy nature and sports topics would work.”

 azura-zainal-4  azura-zainal-5

How you doin’?

“A pick-up line could work but I’d be giggling most of the time because believe it or not, I’m actually a shy girl.”


Family guy

“The homebody in me enjoys time spent with my siblings, so if you can be comfortable around them, that’s an A for you.”



Photography by Leon (BluInc Media)


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