Filthy, Sexy Presents (Part 2)


Chocolate ‘from her hometown’

In our survey, women practically pleaded for chocolate from their men. But handing her a box of turtles is like giving her a RM5 note and expecting her to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’. So order some chocolates from a specialty shop and have them customised with elements of her hometown.“Her home has meaning to her, and now you’re associated with that meaning,” Wilson says.


Concert tickets for a band you ‘discover’

Search for her favourite artist at to create a playlist of similar musicians. Select one you think she’ll dig, and buy tickets to a show. You’ve created a trifecta of arousal: novelty, attention to her taste, and the innate sensuality of music, says Wilson. “At concert volume, music stimulates a part of the inner ear connected to the brain’s pleasure centre.”


T-shirt quilt

Toni, 38, told us the sexiest gift she ever received was her boyfriend’s college football jersey. On top of the sentimentality factor, scent plays a big role here; studies show that your pheromones can arouse her. Gather T-shirts from events you’ve been to together, and send them to Campus Quilt Company ( to have them make a T-shirt quilt for her.


Ice play

The fastest way to heat up the bedroom: Introduce ice. The Ice Breaker wand ( eliminates frozen fingers—you simply fill the cylinder with water, freeze it, and trace over her body. Or Herbenick suggests playing fire and ice: Put ice in your mouth, go down on her, take a sip of a warm drink (such as spiked apple cider), and repeat.


Polaroid instant camera

Using a Polaroid camera is a less risky way to take nude shots—no negatives or digital files, and the film is known to be forgiving. Plus, “instant gratification is always more arousing,” says Wilson. “You don’t have to download or print Polaroid shots.” Try a Polaroid PIC-300L Instant Analog Camera () or watch out for frequent Polaroid camera offerings on Groupon or Mydeal.







Image from Stockexchange


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