Spring-Load a Squat


The next time you squat, try using protection: Strapping on a piece of rubber could keep your knees healthy. Having a resistance band looped around your lower thighs as you perform squats may help you push your knees out. That’s a move that can help prevent injuries like an ACL tear, according to a study in the journal Sports Biomechanics. “Pushing your knees out creates more tension in your hamstrings and glutes,” says Jim Smith CSCS, owner of Diesel Strength. “That stabilises your knees and can help you lift more weight by distributing it more evenly across your hips.” No band? No problem. Stand about a foot from a corner of a room, your back facing it and each foot touching a baseboard. Squat as deeply as you can, pushing your butt toward the corner and driving your knees along the walls. Do 3 sets of 10.



Photograph by Travis Rathbone


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