Amp Up The Burn


Jogging for 20 minutes a day is considered ideal for weight control – but to shed serious pounds you need to crank up your training to 11. Here’s how:


Pull your weight

Do 20min ‘Bodyweight 200′ (204kcal) not 20min jog on the treadmill (153kcal)
Burns +33%

The drill: Devised for MH by trainer Craig Ballantyne from Turbulence Training, this workout features 200 bodyweight reps in 20min, challenging every muscle in your body. Perform in order: prisoner squats (30 reps); press-ups (30); standing jumps (10); Bosu-ball leg curls (10); Bosu-ball pikes (10); step-ups (20); pull-ups (5); forward lunges (30); tucked-elbow press-ups (20); inverted rows (15); prisoner squats (15) and chin-ups (5).


Knock out pounds

Do 20min ’7-round burn-out’ (255kcal) not 20min running on the treadmill (204kcal)
Burns +25%

The drill: Use these 7 rounds, devised by mixed martial arts trainer Khalid Ismail from Lion’s Den Gyms, to KO calories. First round: 3min skipping; 2nd round: 3min boxer’s shuffle; 3rd round: 3min interval skipping (30sec fast, 30sec slow); 4th round: 3min shadow boxing. Rounds 5-7: 1min per round, 30sec alternating left and right, then 2x1min of straight punches with 1min rest in between. Finally, 2min of fast body punches.


Skip down a size

Do 20min ‘switch rope’ (305kcal) not 20min intervals on the treadmill (255kcal)
Burns +20%

The drill: “Using a rope properly will burn more calories per hour than any other cardio – even the rowing machine,” says PT David Robson. “Skip at a moderate pace (70-80% of your maximum heart rate) for 45sec before switching to a rapid tempo (90-95%) for 15sec. Keep swapping from a moderate to high intensity for 20min, with a 1min break every 6min.” You’re a hop, skip and a jump away from a leaner physique.



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