Ashley Khoo

Gamers, unite!

Some of you who are in the gaming scene may know this girl, some may even recognise her if you frequent the Federal highway or LDP and even Jalan Bukit Bintang, among other places. Those who don’t, here’s your chance to get to know her. Meet Ashley Khoo, professional gamer.

Not bad, eh? This Johor Bahru girl started gaming at the age of 14 and has been doing so for about 12 years now. “I started gaming because I didn’t have a lot of friends in high school and so I followed a bunch of my male classmates to the cyber café (CC),” she said. She tried Counter Strike and was immediately hooked!


Let us provide you with some intel to help you let her guard down.


A tall story “A guy has to be tall, because I’m quite tall for a girl. I don’t like short guys.”
Ink art “Presentable looks – no scars on the face! I’m fine with tattoos.”

Just nice “Don’t be too fat, and don’t be too skinny either – somewhere in between. I’m not a fan of muscular guys.”

Face-off “I’m fine with facial hair, as long as he’s good looking enough to pull it off!”

The moving man “I’d like a strong guy, because I have this tendency to rearrange the furniture in my room every few months or so.”

Neat-freak “I don’t want a messy guy for a boyfriend. I’m very neat! I sweep my room every day. I wash my feet in the laundry room before I enter my room. And every time I’m done using the computer I will wipe it.”

Mummy’s boy – not “It’s best if he’s not staying with his parents and has his own place. I want someone who’s able to support himself.”

But if you can, beat her “I will be very impressed if a guy can beat me in games. It’s not often that it happens. But I don’t mind losing in certain games like Dota, because I know I suck at it.”

Non-gamer needed “He doesn’t necessarily have to be a gamer. I’ve stopped looking for gamers as boyfriends, because if you’ve too much in common you’ll have nothing to talk about. It’s just games, games, and games.”

The parent trap “I’m not comfortable with guys taking me to meet their parents. Once, I dated a guy for only a week when he asked me to meet his parents. I freaked out.”
Signing order “I like receiving things in my office. I like the feeling of signing off something at the office for myself. Once, somebody sent me a film book of Elizabeth: The Golden Age for my birthday. I really loved that. Anything he sends is fine except for flowers. Send me chocolate cakes – any sweet stuff.”

 Speak up “I like outspoken guys, especially if we’re at social events or out with my friends. I don’t want someone who will just sit there quietly. Do join in the conversation!”

 Be a leading man “I’m very antisocial, so my guy cannot be antisocial. He needs to be able to lead me. I don’t want to put a lot of effort into a relationship, so I’d like him to decide trivial things like what to do, what to eat, and so on.”

Someone to rely on “I want to be able to count on him – like, if I ask him something, he has to know…mostly it’s about computers. I will be very dependent on him. If I cannot count on him, why would I need a boyfriend?”

An IT guy “I would like an IT guy for a boyfriend so that he can fix my computer and stuff. But not too geeky.”

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