Linora Low

Building things up with Linora Low

Part-time DJ and a full-time health enthusiast, there’s something about Red FM’s Linora Low that beckons to the fitness freak in you.


Mirror, mirror on the wall

“I don’t like my guys to be vain. How can they be vainer than me? I’m quite vain as it is, so it’s a headache if they’re vain too.”

Smart casual

“I like my guys in simple jeans, T-shirt, and a nice jacket.”


Arms, baby, arms

“I’m not a sucker for a six-pack on a guy, but I’m definitely an arms lady. If I see a guy with good arms, I go nuts.”

Well on his feet

“I like my guy to be able to make me laugh, but then he also needs to be grounded. He needs to know what he wants in life, and where he’s heading because I’m a very energetic person. I need someone who can calm me down when needed, but yet match up to my hyperactivity too!”

Bring the adventure

“Just keep shaking things up in our relationship. I love guys who are adventurous and spontaneous. Doing things like going on a random bike ride, or even just skipping town and going off for a holiday somewhere is fun – you never know what’s next.”

Decisions, decisions

I can’t stand men who are fickle. As a female, I am already like that, so make up your mind!”


Gift of the gab

“I like a charming guy. Say, for example, he randomly sends you a text message saying, ‘Hey baby, have a great day. I love you.’ Just that to start off the day makes you feel good. It’s the kind of charm you can’t really teach guys – they have to find it out on their own. But I’ll put it this way; when a girl sees it, she knows it. And that guy is a keeper.”



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