Flat-Belly Fare


When you subtract calories from your diet, add back the right stuff: A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition finds that certain nutrients can help keep you slim. Grub high in the nutrients below tends to be lower in calories and higher in filling fibre, says author Christina Shay PhD. Plus, it may have stealth slimming qualities.


Vitamin A

In a study in the journal Obesity, vitamin A helped regulate fat tissue in mice. Those fed A-deficient diets were the fatter rats.
FIND IT IN Sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach


Vitamin C

Researchers from Spain found that obese rats on high-fat diets gained less fat if their chow was enriched with C. The vitamin’s antioxidant effects may cut fat formation.
FIND IT IN Red peppers, oranges, broccoli


Non-heme Iron

Researchers from Australia say obese people have disruptions in iron metabolism, although it’s not clear why. Most of the iron in your diet is non-heme, which means it comes from plant sources. Heme iron comes from animal sources such as beef.
FIND IT IN White beans, lentils, artichokes



One study found that the less magnesium people consumed, the more likely they had a cluster of conditions (including obesity) that raises heart disease and diabetes risk. Magnesium deficiency coupled with obesity may contribute to insulin resistance.
FIND IT IN Bulgur, chickpeas, Brazil nuts



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