Wanna Have a Barby?


Birthday and New Year barbecues are when most of us will choke down three dogs and wings, two burgers, a pound of potato salad, and litres of Coke without looking twice. Assuming you don’t have hypertension or diabetes (in which case the extra salt and sugar are trouble), your body can deal with the occasional desertion of dietary common sense. “You’ll store some of the extra fat and sugar,” says Mike Roussell, PhD(c), a nutrition researcher at Pennsylvania State University. “And the surplus carbs and salt will make you retain water. So for the next day or two, you’ll probably feel a bit bloated and may weigh a few pounds more.” If in the short term you feel uncomfortably stuffed, send your stomach some reinforcements. “Taking a prebiotic supplement with live bacteria will help your digestive system break down the food,” says Roussell.


Image from Stockexhange


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